Get Rewarded When You Engage In Social Activities

B-Chat activities runs on two reward systems, The Brave Points (BP) and Community Tokens (CT)

Community Token (CT)

One of the ways we reward users for engaging in social activities is through our community tokens. When you contribute positively, you get rewarded with CT. Users can transfer their community tokens to their friends or other users. CT can also be used to participate in competitions for Brave Points rewards. 

Brave Point Balance

1,500 BP

Community Token Balance

25,350 CT

Brave Points (BP)

Brave Points runs on the platform at a ration of 1 BP to 1 USD. Yeah, that’s right. So when you get Brave Points, you should value them because they’re referred to as real cash. Brave Points can be sent from one user to another and can also be withdrawn for cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin or Stable Coins) directly from your account.


Earning & Spending Community Tokens



Earning & Spending Brave Points