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Learn and earn while building a rock solid social network of dedicated audience. A platform for entrepreneurs, Businesses, Professionals and content creators. Rethink what a social networking platform should be.

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The most effective way to connect with individuals and businesses across the globe is on social media. B-Chat offers more than just an opportunity to reach out to loved ones. B-Chat is built for businesses, investors, Entrepreneurs and individuals who simply want to enjoy the moment.

An Awesome Experience

Everything You Need In One Platform

We offer all the basic features of a traditional social platform and even more, Skill Acquisitions, Jobs, Events, Wallets, groups, forums, earnings, Competitions and a safe and secure way to get started with cryptocurrencies.

Skill Acquisition

Learn new real world skills from professionals worldwide. Also sell your skill and get paid

Job Offers

Explore various job offers from businesses from Freelance, Part-time or Full-time jobs offers


Earn, Send, Receive and Withdraw Brave Points for Crypto from your B-Chat Wallet instantly.


Build trust and credibility with your audience and clients by getting a verified account.

Live Notification

Get instant notifications when you receive new messages, friend requests, followers and more.

Private Message

Engage in private conversations with your audience and clients from your B-Chat account

User Ratings

Get honest reviews from your audience to Increase your business or personal reputation

Friends & Followers

Build your audience by making new friends and attracting dedicated followers

Buy Crypto

Easy and reliable options to purchase crypto with your bank cards at the best possible rate

Dex Token Swap

Swap up to 80+ Cryptos directly from your wallet. Ledger, trezor & Meta Mask Supported

Groups & Forums

Participate in social groups and forums that suites your interests, or create your own groups.


Get access to worldwide events that suits your interest. Business, Technology and more

Passive Income For Content Creators 

While a social platform can help you connect with friends, loved ones and your audience, It should also be able to help your earn. We’re building a crypto friendly platform that would help content creators make fortunes doing exactly what they love. 

Crypto Friendly 100%
Personal Groups & Forums 100%
Monetization 100%
For Content Creators 100%

Building A Dedicated Audience

A Networking Platform

B-Chat provides users with the tools needed to create a vast network of dedicated audience. Here, you'll find everyone you need, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Content creators and individuals ready to get on board with your network.

Community Points & Tokens

B-Chat uses the brave points as a reward system for community competitions and activities including giveaways. Brave points can be withdrawn for Cryptocurrencies or transferred between users on the B-Chat platform. 1 BP equals 1 USD

Find People With Same Interest

Looking for a platform to find, connect and interact with people and businesses having similar interest and skills? We've got you covered.


Why Partner With US ?

Team Work

One of our core qualities is working as a team, We believe anything is possible with the right team. We believe in team work


We are opened to new ideas for growth and expansion to improving user experience and offer a wider range of services

Changing Lives

The purpose of B-Chat is to help individuals connect with professionals and acquire the skills needed to build a solid career.


We're dedicated to provide our users with the best quality services possible. This means working with dedicated partners.

We Need You

No company or business became successful on it's own. We are aware of this fact, that's why we need your partnership and support.

Friendly Support

We've got a dedicated and responsive team ready to answer your questions and sync with your team to bring your thoughts and ideas to reality.


Meet our Team

Sesan Joel


Marc Jackson


Sarah Rodgers


Igritte Stark


Jack Scorpio


Would You Like To Join Our Team?

We would like to work with you, please get in touch with us through the contact us button

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Community Reviews

Awesome Community

B-chat has changed my perspective of how and what a social media platform should be. You stand out among others with your unique features. Can't find what you offer elsewhere

Miriam Bazan
Los Angeles, CA

The Best Social Network Ever!

Words can't express how glad i am to have joined B-Chat. This is by far the best social networking community out there. I love the fact that you're 100% crypto friendly

Felix Simo
New York City, NY

A User Friendly Platform

Despite the numerous features, You still managed to make the platform easy to access with an awesome design. I got all i need right here.

Billy Jones
London, UK

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